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It doesn’ t matter if you are an adult, a teenager or a child. With so much beauty to behold you wouldn’t want the family escape in Greece to end.

Travel in time and become for a while a citizen of the great city of Athens. Pass by some of the most significant landmarks, including the Museum of Acropolis, and learn all about its history through a child-friendly experiential game. Explore the fascinating Mediterranean sea world in Crete’s aquarium, where you will come face to face with thousands of living organisms. Your kids will be really excited! Explore the mysteries of Crete and its nature through several outdoor and entertaining activities. 

Before you wave goodbye to the dreamy scenery, remember one thing: you have a lot of memories to treasure, so once you get back home make sure you create a cool travel memorabilia.


  • Rediscover the history of classical Athens through a child-friendly interactive experience named “Playing Gods in Athens”, followed by picnic at Philopappou Hill.

  • Visit the Cretaquarium where you will come face to face with the Mediterranean Sea World.

  • Get ready for an excursion to Spinalonga Island.

  • Enjoy your family sailing experience to Dia island.

  • Do not miss the relaxing spa treatment with sea salt and olive oil herbal scrub.



Enjoy a visit to the mesmerizing Acropolis Museum.

DAY 4 

Enjoy a guided tour to Knossos and explore the Mediterranean sea world at the Cretaquarium

DAY 7 

Visit the historic island of Spinalonga


Participate in "Playing Gods in Athens, a unique child-friendly interactive experience

DAY 5 

Visit  "Arolithos", a unique traditional village and indulge yourself in cooking activities

DAY 8 

Enjoy a cleansing and nourishing pampering session

DAY 3 

Flight to Crete

DAY 6 

Enjoy sailing to Dia Island

DAY 9 

Departure flight to home destination



You remember the day when you discovered the history of Athens through a child-friendly experiential game named “Playing Gods in Athens”. It included theatrical and learning games, riddle solving, story telling and creative art & crafts activities. You then had a wonderful picnic at Philopappou Hill. Sudden cut; your memory takes you back to your days in Crete now. What about your visit at the Cretaquarium? Your kids seemed very happy when they came face to face with hundreds of species and thousands of living organisms. They had a lot of questions when you arrived at the Spinalonga Island, which was a massive fortress for the Venetians and became later a leper colony. At some point you walked them through the ancient site of Knossos, the location of the notorious Minotaur whose story at its core is a heartfelt tale of love by Ariadne for Theseus. Such a romantic labyrinth. Such an amazing trip.


Let’s assume that you just got back home from your family vacations in Greece. You have a lot of memories to treasure, therefore you wonder what you could do with all the souvenirs from your unforgettable trip. You look at a huge pack of tickets, boarding passes, maps, bills and a bunch of digital pictures that you could print. Think of something more exciting than sticking it all in a box. You have an idea. Is a scrapbook too traditional? It doesn’t have to be. Buy a notebook, colorful pens, stickers and some tape and start writing an account of each day of your once in a lifetime experience. You don’t have to be a guru to create an interesting record of your holidays and a meaningful handmade photo album that your family will treasure. In your diary, make sure you include amusing stories and photos that your children will look at one day and laugh. Use tickets as bookmarks so every time you open it, the memory of the trip will come back to you as a pleasant surprise.


A local told you sometimes the Greeks would watch the sea for the return of loved ones. When you saw your family sailing, you thought that holidays are an opportunity not only to relax but also to enjoy new experiences that will make you feel invigorated. This is how holidays in Greece feel like. Now rewind the story and live each moment again in true time. Then go back home and write all about it in your precious travel memorabilia.

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