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Did you ever dream of travelling and sustaining not only the well-being of your soul but the well-being of the planet as well?

Did you mentally picture yourself discovering the rich culture of Greece, tasting the traditional cuisine, staying in eco-friendly guesthouses and at the same time minimizing your ecological footprint?

Get ready to engage your senses in the Greek cultural and gastronomical scene.


  • Enjoy your stay at one-of-a-kind guesthouses and organic farms that use eco-friendly materials and eco-technologies, Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm.

  • Explore the most famous wine region of Greece, Nemea, and taste its prestigious wine varieties of fleshy reds and characterful whites.

  • Surrender to a ‘sweet’ sin during your honey tasting in Olympia and dig out why this product is now considered a superfood.

  • Fill with awe observing the white color of your tsipouro, ‘get lightened’ while adding water or ice, on a tsipouro tasting at the vineyard of a family winery.

  • Discover the variety of local products and savor tasty Greek snacks over a mooring at the roadside market of a picturesque traditional village in Zante.

  • Take a snapshot of the enchanting Caretta-Caretta and swim at the extraordinary turquoise waters of Keri Caves during an eco-friendly turtle spotting adventure.



Explore the old neighborhoods of Athens and enjoy an authentic meze-dinner at the picturesque Psyrri.

DAY 4 

Visit the charming Castle Town of Monemvasia.

DAY 7 

Revel in the gorgeous beauty of Zante island and enjoy your stay at Lithies Organic Farm: Guest Houses

DAY 10 

Day at leisure in Athens. Enjoy your dinner overlooking the Parthenon.


Discover the magestic Acropolis, the local food culture and take in the breathtaking sunset view at Cape Sounio.

DAY 5 

Enjoy a day of relaxation at the luxury premises of a renovated postwar winery.

DAY 8 

Visit the Shipwreck beach, the Blue Caves and an authentic market.

DAY 11 

Departure flight to your next destination.

DAY 3 

Marvel at the cutting-edge Corinth Canal, taste the flavorful Nemean wine and experience the farm life at your organic farm stay.

DAY 6 

Get a kick out of a guided tour to the Ancient Olympia and indulge in a hearty tasting of local products.

DAY 9 

Spot the famous Caretta-Caretta turtles, snorkel at Keri Caves and stopover a modern olive factory.



Explore the breathtaking view at Cape Sounio and then taste the nectar of Nemean earth, its top-quality wine! Wander around the cobblestone paths at the Castle of Monemvasia and keep your breath, while visiting the birthplace of Olympic Games, Ancient Olympia. Feel your worries melt away as you take in the majestic views of the Ionian Sea and discover the hidden gems of Zante by land and sea. This dreamy travel experience, especially designed for you, will take you to the authentic side of Greece and Greek local lifestyle! 



How does the sound of Athens echo in your ears? Let me guess!  Hmm… Parthenon, democracy, Greek philosophers, souvlaki, moussaka... Well you know? You are so right! Athens is all these and far more! In this travel experience, tailored to your preferences, you will discover Greece through authentic experiences, just like locals do! Check-in to Coco Mat BC Hotel in Kolonaki and find yourself strolling at the beautiful neighborhoods of Athens, like Plaka, Thisseio, Psyrri, while enjoying some traditional mezedes (Greek tapas) over a hearty dinner. Get a true feel of Athens while enjoying a guided tour at the sacred rock of Acropolis which will reveal you the magnitude and the rich heritage of Athens. Sense the intriguing Greek cuisine and local food culture through an experiential food tour and sample a bountiful assortment of mouth-watering sweet and savory treats. Enjoy a relaxing ride along the Athenian Riviera and take in splendid views of the Saronic Gulf. Fill from the beauty, history and culture of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio and witness one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever imagine! After experiencing all that, now you are more than ready to enrich the ‘Athens’ page in your travel book!


Do you wish to discover the green face of Greece? Peloponnese peninsula takes the lead on that! Peloponnese is the home to intriguing myths, ancient temples, medieval castles, scenic villages and rich flora that covers and freshens the sun kissed coasts. We have chosen the most unique places for your stay; surrounded utterly by the blessings of mother nature. Imagine yourself waking up by the wine tanks of a renovated luxury resort – being a postwar winery – and in the smooth Laconian breeze at an eco-friendly farmhouse, Eumelia Farm Guesthouse! Indulge in the farm lifestyle by being a farmer for a day, feed the animals and plant vegetables or surrender to the farm pace by enjoying a yoga session, a relaxing massage or biking among the olive trees and vineyards.


Let your jaw fall while admiring the architectural achievement of Corinth Canal, the picturesque narrow paths of idyllic Monemvasia’s fortress and the birthplace of the most significant athletic event of all times-the Olympic Games. Engage your taste senses on a culinary exploration of Greek gastronomy while tasting the top-quality wine varieties of Nemea, the golden varieties of Greek honey in Olympia, the traditional tsipouro spirit accompanied by delicious nibbles.


Even though no one can get enough of Peloponnese, be sure that you will experience the genuinity of its cultural and local lifestyle... enough to make you start planning visiting it again!


Do you wonder how does the famous Greek island summer look like? Then the ‘Fiore di Levante’... the green island of Zakynthos (Zante) gifted with fertile valleys and temperate climate will solve all your queries! Staying in an organic farmhouse, Lithies Organic Farm Houses, between olive groves and vineyards, you will experience the farm lifestyle, many organic homemade products and take part in different agricultural activities; while having as a background the deep blue of the Ionian Sea! Zakynthos is worthy to be discovered not only by the land but by the sea as well. A luxury open speedboat will sail you to the famous Shipwreck Beach (free of crowds) and the beautiful Blue Caves with the stunning translucent blue waters. Get ready for your Kodak moment while overlooking the panoramic view from the Shipwreck platform and hear the fascinating story of Zakynthos Shipwreck by your expert guide. You will also stopover to a nearby traditional village and its roadside market to enjoy some great Greek local products and wine varieties. When it comes to Zakynthos no one can skip visiting the island of famous Caretta-Caretta turtles! An eco-friendly spotting mooring is waiting for you to observe the enchanting loggerhead sea turtles, to swim and snorkel at Keri caves and explore the history of the liquid gold of Greece ‘olive oil’ at a modern olive factory.

The mesmerizing views of green-covered mountains, endless blue skies and shiny Greek sun is the ultimate way to experience the way that the local lifestyle and hospitality, respects and preserves the majesty and wealth of Greek nature!

Important note: all hotel and restaurant suggestions are indicative and subject to availability upon request.

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