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AFEA boasts a journey of almost 40 years in the Greek travel market, making the company one of the longest established and most experienced travel companies in Greece. The company was founded by Spiros and Andreas in 1977, brothers in law. During the last decade the younger members of the family – Gabriel, Sissi, Dimitra and Giorgia - have joined the company, bringing in a newer perspective. Why we need to share this information with you? Because the fact that this is a family business differentiates us from all other travel agencies in Greece. We make our business personal!


Our long lasting existence gives us the privilege to know our destination by heart, so we have thoroughly designed amazing experiences, built around the places where our local connections can deliver the most flawless services possible.


Each and every trip can be fashioned according to your needs and preferences. Private and exclusive tours, incredible accommodation, meals at Michelin-starred restaurants and favorite local eateries, unheard-of activities, thematic walks and private guided tours through the enchanting Greek antiquity, synthesize a masterpiece delved into the essence of the Greek soul.


We have carefully selected our MUST destinations for Luxury travel in Greece, but further to that we have picked places we know intimately, places where our local ties can deliver wonders.


If you are planning your next dream trip to Greece, send a brief description of your key trip components to one of our luxury travel specialists, let us "sleep on it" and return to you full of ideas.



                 Georgia Nikolakopoulou



                           Luxury Travel Experiences

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