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“Surrender to Greek Nature!

Enjoy the warm sun, the golden sand and the crystal clear waters at their purest forms.”

Perfect for:

Nature lovers and conscious travelers who are willing to discover unspoiled places in harmony with the natural environment and the local community.


  • Enjoy a complete luxury travel experience while supporting local communities and protecting the Greek environment.

  • Embrace into a Sustainable Hospitality Philosophy Experience

  • Indulge yourself into Greek nature. Take part in private hikes, walks and all kinds of physical activities accompanied by the breathtaking Greek scenery.

  • Meditate and explore the serenity of Greek nature.

  • Enjoy the most tasteful traditional Greek food with local products from the farm.

  • Experience the authentic everyday life of the locals.



Immerse yourself into ancient history

DAY 4 

Visit the beautiful island of Crete

DAY 7 

Make your last day on this amazing land unforgettable!


Get blown away by Cycladic Architecture in Naxos

DAY 5 

Explore the serenity and nature of Crete

DAY 8 

Departure flight to home destination

DAY 3 

Enjoy an off the beaten track experience


Spend your day as a Cretan with the locals





Stroll around the picturesque cobbled alleys of Plaka, the neighborhood of the Gods, and get the feel of a city that has been inhabited for more than 5.000 years. Visit sights of high environmental importance like the National Gardens, the Tatoi Estate and Stavros Niarchos Foundation, or enjoy a meal under the Acropolis or by the sea. The Electra Metropolis Hotel awaits you in order to offer you all the amenities you need!


Continue your trip to Naxos, which has been widely acknowledged throughout the world for its unique architecture. Check-in at the eco friendly Armiro Boutique Houses that operates with respect for nature and spend the rest of the day unraveling the gastronomic miracles of the island.


Move on to picturesque Crete, the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, enjoy the hospitality of Olive Green Hotel and spend the day exploring Heraklion city. Meditate, connect with the land, hike down to the most impressive natural gorge of central Crete and enjoy a mouthwatering lunch on the shore of the beautiful lake Zaros under the deep shade of the plane trees.


Be part of a traditional biological farm! Bake your own bread, make cheese and cook several Cretan recipes. Connect with nature, while feeding the farm’s animals and learn about olive oil production and “raki” (traditional alcohol drink) making. Close your day by cooking a superb traditional meal with organic farm products. Bliss under the sun, around the beautiful beaches of the island or, step out your comfort zone and experience unforgettable activities that will make your heart beat faster!


Return to Athens for your flight back to your next destination.



Choose between an old footpath that leads to the ancient aqueduct of the island, and a memorable hike in the rural heart of Naxos, where the past is presented in front of your eyes, mixed with the modern life of the villagers.


Be swept away by the turquoise waters of the Cretan coastline and the numerous undulating olive groves.


Appreciate the serenity of the surroundings as you drive among fertile vine and olive fields, reaching to a unique mountain scenery. Grab your opportunity to discover how locals spend their everyday lives.


Your exploration of Greece has reached to an end, but with your precious help, Greek environment is preserved in order for you and for other travelers to visit it again in the future, when you are ready to return!

Important note: all hotel and restaurant suggestions are indicative and subject to availability upon request.

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