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EPICURUS ONCE SAID THAT: “nothing is enough for the man to whom enough is too little”

The ancient Greek philosopher argued that happiness derives from pleasure. Agreed. Are you dreaming of culinary vacations? Let the ecstasy begin with your arrival in Athens. An ultimate gastronomic all day experience is especially designed for you – shop your ingredients from the local market and cook your own delicious meal. Wine tasting at the Castle Town of Monemvasia, a brilliant performance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus, olive harvesting, golf courses and spa treatments at the awarded property of Messinia, Costa Navarino Resort, are some of the delightful seasonal activities that you will be enjoying while exploring Greece. Your journey through time is about to end. Do you hear the irresistible song of the sirens telling you to stay a little bit longer?


  • Fine dining at a top-notch, Michelin starred restaurant.

  • Enjoy a pure Gastronomy Day themed “The Garden of Epicurus” especially designed for you.

  • Attend a performance at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus (if available).

  • Find your way to the beautiful Messinia and indulge in some seasonal activities.

  • Take advantage of the Costa Navarino Resort spectacular facilities by playing golf (optional) or relaxing at the famous Aazoe Spa.



Visit the mesmerizing Acropolis Museum and enjoy dinner at a fine Michelin starred restaurant.

DAY 4 

Morning at leisure  - Visit Spetses island 

DAY 7 

Enjoy your stay at Costa Navarino Resort 

DAY 10 

Departure flight to home destination


Experience "The Garden of Epicurus", an all day Gastronomy Thematic Tour. 

DAY 5 

Arrive at your boutique hotel at Monemvasia 

DAY 8 

Enjoy a  guided tour to the Ancient Messini

DAY 3 

Visit Epidavros and attend a performance.

DAY 6 

Visit the Castle Town of Monemvasia and taste a variety of local wines

DAY 9 

Indulge in seasonal activities



Imagine if you will a mystical garden full of fresh fruits, olive trees and colourful fl owers. This happy land gives you the illusion of getting lost even though it doesn’t seem that big. Liberating, right? Its mystery transports you back to the way life could have been. Familiar fi gures pass along the paths, stopping now and then to engage one another in intriguing conversations on history and culture. You fi nd a spot to settle down. In one corner a minstrel plays harmonious chords on his lyre. In another, there is a discussion of free will. You approach the wise teacher. He explains that you have complete freedom to choose your own path in life and he insists that you must obtain happiness in the here and now. What do you do?


If you think about it, your view of pleasure is far from the stereotypical one. For you, the most joyful life is one where you achieve inner tranquility by being content with simple things: food, wine and philosophical conversations with sophisticated friends. You decide that these are the things that have major impact on your mental well-being. A cool wind blows as you breathe in the Mediterranean ocean air. You fi nd yourself appreciating the beauty of Nature, the fellowship of family, the ideal luxuries of living and the majesty of history. Quite inspiring, wouldn’t you say?


If you have imagined all of this, you have imagined Epicurus’ “Pleasure Garden”, a place where he and his students would congregate in the pursuit of achieving the most pleasant life possible in this world. Although they might be gone, their influence over people remains. Nearly everyone knows this story. Why don’ t you create your own? A fairytale with you acting as the blissful protagonist. The main Epicurean idea remains. All you have to do is add a modern twist to it. Stroll through the city of Athens and the region of Peloponnese as if in a dream. Enjoy traditional cooking classes with locals, olive harvesting, wine tasting with experienced sommeliers, a brilliant performance at an ancient theatre. Follow your bliss. Welcome to Greece.

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